Career Development 2.0

Career Development 2.0

What are our views on the future of work and career development? Everyone knows that new technologies and automation will cause jobs to be lost, and industries that have not yet been invented will also create other jobs. Almost everything will change, and career development will become more and more critical. Today, we hope to see a new career development program called a "Career Accelerator" through innovative industry-academic partnership design and teaching, which will help shape the future of work.

Career accelerators are the most relevant qualifications in the digital economy. CA is jointly developed and provided by the world's leading universities, technology companies and employers, providing technology, business and human skills backed by the prestige of university education. These online courses can accelerate career development, open up direct pathways to obtain jobs in demand, and provide further opportunities for academic qualifications.

Why Should Learners Care About Career Accelerators?

Here are 9 reasons why modern students should consider career accelerators in 2021!

Relevant and much-needed skills are learned from the world's leading experts, with technical knowledge and practical skills valued by industry employers.

Essential Abilities Are Developed the cognitive and human skills employers seek as indicators of team fitness, leadership potential and future performance​​​​ under uncertain future circumstances.

Relevant, in-demand skills are learned with the technical knowledge and practical skills valued by industry employers, from the world’s leading experts.

Learn Relevant and urgently needed practical skills and technical knowledge valued by industry employers from the world's leading experts.

Develop Critical Competencies the cognitive and human skills employers are looking for as indicators of team suitability, leadership potential, and future performance in uncertain situations.

University certification and opportunities to obtain higher academic degrees.

Instant business value by obtaining the business knowledge you need to transform technical skills and knowledge into meaningful business value from the first day of work.

The practical ability obtained builds a robust investment portfolio through real business projects with leading employers in the industry.

The recruitment network combines your skills with career opportunities and has unique access to leading technical recruiters and employers.

FourthRev Are Leading the Way in Career Accelerators

FourthRev creates a world-class online learning program with qualifications from leading universities, in partnership with the world's best technology companies, and digital technology jobs through a global employer partner network. FourRev's courses combine the best employer education with the unique advantages of universities. FourRev collaborates with universities to provide these experiences to drive student success.

Career Accelerator Features

A Career Accelerator is a 6-month online course jointly developed by world-class universities and leading technology companies to accelerate the careers of recent graduates and mature working professionals.

Industry partners and universities jointly develop career accelerators. Regarding job opportunities or career development in the digital economy leading to long-term careers.

Career accelerators meet current and future demand for talents in the digital industry.

Career accelerators use a holistic approach to career development (academic excellence + technical skills + humanities skills + career development).