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As a response to the increased demand for environmental literacy and awareness as a potential solution to unsustainable human behavior and environmental deterioration, the interdisciplinary area of Sustainability Studies was formed. To maintain one's own health as well as the health of one's community, ecosystem, biome, and other living things over an extended period of time is what is meant by the term sustainability.

Academic programs offered online include interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary instruction in sustainable development, urban and suburban planning, landscape architecture, environmental policy, law and political science, environmental justice, economics, ecology, systems thinking, green chemistry, geographic information systems and science, geography, geology, climate change and resiliency, coastal studies, environmental health, food studies, nascent agricultural technologies, and natural resource management (including literature, media, film and cultural studies). The curriculum of the program emphasizes working together on problems, engaging in significant collaborative and interactive learning, and participating directly in hands-on activities.

Graduates of the online sustainability courses and programs are prepared to enter a wide variety of careers as well as graduate programs. Some of these fields include education, law, politics, policy and planning, journalism, business, landscape and architectural design, renewable energy, conservation, marine sciences, forestry, environmental health, food studies, and the arts, amongst others. The expansion of "Green Job" opportunities is exceeding the majority of other job sectors and is occurring at a steady clip. Students who major in sustainability learn to be proactive problem solvers, critical thinkers, and creative problem solvers who are able to seek out and develop solutions to environmental issues.

Why Study Sustainability Online?

Through the online study of sustainability you can learn how to develop food systems that are responsible, justice-oriented, efficient, effective, and viable by studying sustainable agriculture and putting what you learn into practice. You will investigate the processes that occur between the farm and the table, as well as the ramifications these processes have for individuals, the economy, and the environment.

Best Online Sustainability Courses in 2022

More and more students are beginning to shift their focus to think about the future as the world around them continues to change. For many people, this entails conducting research in the fields of sustainable development and environmental sciences. To live in a manner that is sustainable means to provide for our present need without jeopardizing the capability of succeeding generations to do the same.

Best Online Short Courses in Sustainability

Strategy and Sustainability

Business and sustainability don't mix. Profit drives business. Sustainability protects the environment. Months and quarters measure business. Sustainability involves short-term sacrifices for unknown long-term benefits. Some activists view executives as exploitative, selfish 1%ers. Some bosses consider all activists irresponsible fanatics. All firms must have a sustainability strategy, which requires choices. This Strategy and Sustainability course is based on Rosenberg's recently published book by Palgrave (, which enables learners to filter out the noise and make hard-nosed choices. Prof. Rosenberg's insightful and fact-based perspective recognizes the complexity of the challenges and business decisions. He blends the work of leading academic thinkers with practical examples from a variety of business sectors and geographies and offers a framework for senior management to engage with the topic. This fascinating and thought-provoking course is for anyone who wants a deeper grasp of a subject that is no longer an option but a must for future managers and business leaders.

Global sustainability and corporate social responsibility: Be sustainable

If an organization wishes to remain competitive on the international stage, it can no longer be content to center its attention solely on the achievement of financial success. As corporate scandals continue to make headlines, you will broaden the scope of your strategic thinking to encompass more than just the competitive financial environment in which your organization operates. You will also take into account the wider impact that this has on society. As you work on developing the abilities necessary to strike a sustainable balance, you will struggle with the competing goals of maximizing your financial return while also having a positive impact on society. You will gain an appreciation of how important sustainability will be for every organization in the future through structured learning activities such as video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts, and written assessments. Additionally, you will gain an understanding of how to achieve sustainability.